SAR: Einstehen für Forschungs- und Lehrfreiheit, Solidarität mit verfolgten Forschenden und Lehrenden

SAR steht für Scholars at Risk Network:

Scholars at Risk protects scholars suffering grave threats to their lives, liberty and well-being by arranging temporary research and teaching positions at institutions in our network as well as by providing advisory and referral services.

Get involved: Universities, colleges, and other institutional members of the SAR Network have a variety of opportunities to make a difference in protecting threatened scholars and strengthening the university space. SAR staff will work closely with your institution to tailor these activities to your institution’s needs and capacity.

Scholars at Risk macht im Facebook und auf Twitter Fälle der Unterdrückung der Forschungs- und Lehrfreiheit und der Verfolgung Forschender und Lehrender bekannt.

“Unser Recht” verbreitet einen Teil dieser Alarm-Meldungen weiter.

Beispiele von SAR-Tweets:

The Koch Institute is worried about free speech on campus: “We are definitely deeply, deeply concerned about what we view as being the escalating antagonism and skepticism towards the institution as a whole, driven by a lot of this conversation about threats to on campus.” via

. warns that ‘s plans to change social science research funding would undermine and the quality of scientific output. via

Though ‘s State of Emergency has been lifted, many academics dismissed during its imposition continue to face restrictions on their passports, limiting their ability to live, work, or participate in conferences or research projects abroad.

Philippine authorities bar 84-year-old legal scholar Gill Boehringer from entering country in apparent retaliation for his human rights work. Authorities had reportedly blacklisted Prof. Boehringer as a “threat to public order.”

: Police arrested , a retired professor and public critic of the country’s human rights record, during a live telephone interview with . Authorities have since moved him to an undisclosed location.

Professor is suffering in solitary confinement in and is in need of urgent medical care. Lend your voice to :

Siehe auch: “Diktatoren und Populisten bedrängen Wissenschaft – ‘Intelligenter Widerstand’, tätige Solidarität”

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